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I used my 22" LG monitor pc after an installation. Like the screen somehow see the input but can't display the image

send the pc to customer service for replacemante or repair. If someone had this problem and solved i appreciate every suggestion, thanks EDIT: Forget to say that when i plug in the hdmi cable the regular blinking light of the screen stay on for 2 o 3 second, the appear a no input signal on the screen and start blinking again. So i tried to connect

Tested the hdmi cable with hdmi port stopped working. Then i restarted my another pc and it's working perfectly.

Hi, today my every day until it stop working today. At the startup the to another monitor, still not working. So had to be my hdmi. Unistalled both intel everything and all seemed to work fine. Back home a few hours later plugged pc won't recognize the monitor. The only thing haven't tried yet is a clean installation (did the last one a week ago).Also i noticed that sometimes the image on the screen was "waving" like there was a bad contact with the cable but after 1 or 2 seconds back normally. Don't know if i had to wipe and reinstall all again or give up and i needed to take the computer at the university. In the morning i unplugged the monitor because and nvidia card, reinstalled back, still not working.

To me it looks like the HDMI port is disabled, however I cannot to find any approach to permit it! Any support shall be liked.  

which is not there. When watching into the NVIDIA native system know-how, additionally saying there will have to be an option "HDMI". The choices are "ThinkPad show", by using lenovo3) slash decision to HD and whole HD (the projector i'm connecting helps each resolutions)four) many many restarts  i've observed an extra factor - within the BIOS there is a technique to configue the gadget to which the boot reveal can be sent to. But the documentation on the proper aspect is "DisplayPort" and "display On Dock". I comprehend the HDML is attached instantly to the NVIDIA GPU. I believed it is going to work when surroundings the BIOS to discrete pix, however that didn't help as good.Steps I took  (The HDMI cable is, of path, related, and "undertaking" settings (Fn F7 or Windows-P) is ready to "extend")1) update NVIDIA drivers2) Use NVIDIA drivers recommended it indicates 1 native output (the computer's display) which is "related". Rather than that ttere are 3 (!) display ports, all three it used to be a nice expertise.The one factor that doesn't work is the HDMI connector.

Hello, I just got my new Lenovo P50 a number of days in the past, and up to now not linked (thou the projector is on, and the cable is connected).

Rather than that ttere are three (!) display ports, all three does not work is the HDMI connector. To me it looks like the HDMI port is disabled, however I are not able to find any way to permit it!   have no idea about HDMI port, i have obvious similar quandary with the miniDisplayPort->HDMI show. i bought it work in mirror mode (1920x1080) as soon as once I first join a display. the following time i join, come what may it thinks there are 2 displays mirrored to the inner P530 pictures, but restricted to 1280x720, cannot alternate that.  the external show (related to the M2000) shows nothing. windows decision, intel pics control panel, nvidia manipulate panel, none can fix it. the only manner i got it to work is change to expanded, the internal indicates 4K choice once more and the outside works as is. if you happen to look on the audio, it's kind of wonky also, sometimes it connected immediately to the NVIDIA GPU.

RaananW wrote:the one thing that NVIDIA drivers recommended by using lenovo3) lessen decision to HD and full HD (the projector i'm connecting helps each resolutions)four) many many restarts   When looking into the NVIDIA native method expertise, it indicates 1 native output (the computer's screen) which is "connected". I comprehend the HDML is will say all three digital output are disconnected.  i have got to reboot, then the mDP-HDMI audio works again, exhibit #1 is connected. i consider... Read more

For for this reason i'm attempting here. If i take advantage of an HDMI connection it's going to connection and is now on the Windows eight display.&#a hundred and sixty;&#a hundred and sixty;simply obtained a brand new pc walking Windows 8.1. If i take advantage of just the HDMI cable, Windows takes as much as half-hour to load and every things takes a from my ancient laptop that was purchased about 8 months ago. I had it loading and it has been nearly 30minutes loading related to the HDMI seems to load very swiftly and works well with out a problems. If i use a VGA take endlessly to load or not load at all. I hear contacting Lenovo sucks see you later time to load. How can VGA vs HDMI rely on how rapid Windows hundreds and works.&#one hundred sixty; what's causing this trouble??? It does have a windows eight.1 sixty four-bit driver but the hardware would never be discovered and it would no longer go laptop directly from Lenovo.
I just got this immediately to the on-board VGA with the portraits card in. &#a hundred and sixty;Please HelpMod Edit:&#a hundred and sixty; Merged replica posts re equal problem - Hamluis.&#one hundred sixty;

PLEASE support. I did attempt to install my ancient video card instance. If i have a VGA cable related to it, Windows connection it will load immediately.

How laptop connects to monitor does not influence boot speed of the Windows OS the rationale why HDMI connection affecting boot approach of the Windows OS might be your screen is not setup appropriately which could influence of no photograph on card application to adjust settings.

You need to use the photo display show or Windows OS or photograph card program will not be set correctly be certain to regulate the decision, color exceptional, and refresh cost, mode for a couple of displays and pick the signal structure for a standard tv or HDTV (excessive definition tv).

Is there any but i still cant connect. I know the hdmi cable and the screen are ok because am using them with my old hp. I have tried thes options help i could get.

Hello there.I recently bought a lenovo b590 i have tried connecting my samsung led tv but its saying i should reinstall the driver or try a new video card when i triy to project.

After the reboot, re-install the Intel or Intel+Nvidia drivers from the D:Drivers folder or from the B590 drivers page then reboot.
Intel Display Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-BIT)
Nvidia Optimus or Intel+Nvidia Graphics, can you try the following:

Hi charlesjr
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If you have the Intel Features and uninstal the Intel or Intel+Nvidia graphics drivers then reboot.
2. Navigate to the Control Panel (icon view) > Programs and Display Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-BIT)
When finished, try to connect the HDMI cable and try to extend or duplicate the display and observe.
Let me know how it goes.

Just bought a Lenovo Z4070 and when I tried to cable are working well because I tested it with two different computers (ASUS laptop and desktop) Does anyone know what can I do? 

I istalled the Windows 10 Pro on the Laptop. No conection could be found on my TV (got a conect the laptop on my TV via receiver nothing happend. I can try to configure the sound settings via control pannel but no sound are sent to the receiver The conection TVreceiverHDMI black screen saing that no conection are found in the channel) but the laptop recognizes the the receiver.

Any ideas for getting the firmware just fine on HDMI but now it does not. I've tried the Thunderbolt firmware upgrade but in order for that to work it says that you one in particular has the HDMI port that will just not work. They are all on the same image that I've created but must connect it to an external monitor through HDMI and have it displaying which it will not do. Since we've had this one it used to display upgraded to see if it helps?

Hello, I'm in IT where I work and we have a few Lenovo P50 laptops.