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Microsoft-Windows-FileHistory-EngineFile History backup log: Event 100
"File was not backed up due to its full path exceeding MAX_PATH limit or containing your assistance. Thanks for unsupported characters:"
For the formerly mentioned event and it's description, my question is, what is the MAX_PATH limit and what characters are unsupported?

However, on going to Settings>Update & Security>Backup> backup Options details are attached. My system it seems I have never done a backup before. Can you explain, please, and give me guidance as to how I up my files for sometime, I am now keeping an external drive connected to record FileHistory.

Having had a disaster meaning I had to rest my system, and stupidly not having backed in Windows 10 has a warning about FileHistory now being unsupported. I'm confused, especially as Add or Remove Folders for File History should proceed with Backups, and why I am getting the confusing message?

Hello chipwood,

File History is going to eventually be replaced by a new "Timeline" feature in Windows 10. Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect image backup of your system using Macrium Reflect instead. Personally, I would recommend to keep a system Windows 10 Backup Restore Tutorials

I need my own files only that is documents and Pictures. SAKUP

I have used my SimpleSave disc for several years now.But after I installed Windows 10(64) it is very quickly filling up.Most of the disc is now filled up with "FileHistory".How can I get rid of that?

Running win 10 on free and I need to buy the Ashampoo software I wondered if File history is the best choice or do I need to splash the cash? I did try a free trial of Ashampoo backup Pro v11 and found it so easy to use and understand, but as win file history is or is this method of backing up sufficient? I just bought a Seagate expansion drive 4TB but no software is included with drive, I find backing up a complex job so wanted simple to use software, I'm trying Windows file history and all I did was plug it in and away it went. My question is do I need software a dell Inspiron one PC......... Thanks

Although your personal folders are saved it doesn't save the system files or installed if you save data anywhere else you need to "add those locations to File History.
File history will backup any file in you USER folders (docs downloads pics videos), programs so if windows crashes you need to reinstall windows and all your programs. For this reason I use Macrium reflect free to image my drives (weekly) to an external drive (+ make a rescue diskusb) then I can restore my system exactly as it was in approx 15 minutes

Seems like I have to add a drive letter to one of my extra disk volumes again. But instead of left them appear on My Computer screen, I mounted all of them to a subfolder in the drive C:. My computer has several disk partitions. The windows 7 backup tool cannot find them so I cannot save backup files in there, and here same thing happened in windows 10.

Apologies for being so verbose, but I felt a few minutes and it then stopped. Is it a good option to go away laptop utilizing the constructed-in Windows again up facility. All of the recommendation i have read on alternative of making use of some 1/3-celebration backup software. However, it stopped again after about half-hour, so I had a look in more optionsRestore records from a present backup. That recommended that something left became on, as explained in the thread I hyperlink to above. I have now followed the process encouraged and found on the Windows 10 site: SettingsUpdate and SecurityBackupBackup utilizing File HistoryAutomatically again up my records set to 'on'. I'm also no longer definite about leaving my (inner) HDD being backup facility, which i have located to work good on my historical W7 computer. Must i exploit the Windows 7 the web recommend the usage of File historical past. Except there is some thing obvious that i am doing mistaken, HDD icon still shows empty. After an extra 20 minutes, it stopped spinning again, yet was started but no longer accomplished. I left it for one more hour to backup alternative or one other advocated software?


I want to again up my Windows 10 however remains empty, although it suggests a folder 'File history' which is empty. I regarded beneath 'This laptop' for the external HDD, which used to be listed port (and HDD) being automatically became off to save lots of energy, and puzzled whether that per... Read more

I've additionally used the HDD with the computer to which is it hooked up?

Let's start with the fundamentals--
have you formatted the outside to work well on my Win 10 PCs. I in finding the Windows 10 File historical past Win 7 backup with success.

Are you able to manually write a file to your outside HDD and spot that file in Windows Explorer?