Windows 10, Edge usage stays steady in February


February was not kind to either Windows 10 or Edge. Windows 7 isn’t showing any signs of giving up its pole position, and Chrome continues to nudge upward.

If you believe the numbers from NetMarketShare, Win10 usage went down from 25.30 in January to 25.19 percent in February, and Edge increased imperceptibly from 5.48 to 5.55 percent of usage worldwide. The combination of Internet Explorer and Edge went from 25.19 down to 24.72 percent.


If you believe StatCounter, Win10 usage stepped up nearly a percentage point from 32.84 percent in January to 33.8 percent in February, while Edge increased from 3.58 to 3.68 percent usage share. At that rate, Win10 will take over Win7 usage in less than a century, and Edge may show a perceptible pulse by the end of the year.

usage share statcounter 2017 02StatCounter

Windows 7 continues to hold its own. StatCounter says it went down a bit from 47.46 to 47.17 percent. NetMarketShare saw a big bump, from 47.20 to 48.41 percent.