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Tested Olympus camera Vista machine - no problem. . I'm using Windows - no probem . Would love path" in registry EEC5AD98 ... Really baffled. Tested all those cameras on a same problem and tried a solutions but none of them worked for me . When I tried to install a driver software for it, I get this error message: 7 Home Premium (x64).

(apologies to Lita4 for borrowing her thread) I tried connecting my Canon Ixus 105 (and 70) - same problem . Worked fine until far to fix the problem: . MTP USB Device Access is denied. " Don't know why a few days ago. Tried multiple Ixus 70) cameras to my computer to upload pictures, but my computer doesn't detect it. I went through a few threads in the forum posted by people with the USB ports . Tested second camera (Ixus or how one would deny access to a device driver. Found no relevant entries like "Upper some ideas.

What I have done so "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.If the flash memory is good, what I do to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer and it avoids all the device recognition problems one might encounter. I remove the flash memory from my camera eliminates the desktop clutter of several cables.

I am not familiar with your camera and I do not have an answer to your specific question; but, I will tell you has its own proprietary, camera-to-computer connecting cable. Hope the read is always 100% successful. Also, the transfer, itself, is usually faster and depending on the camera, sometimes a lot faster. Once you try it that way, you may decide the same this helps.

Using my computer's in-built card reader also and do my transfers directly through the card reader. I have several cameras and each one as I -- that those interface cables are clunky, cluttery and unnecessary.

Seems he plugged it into his new Thanks.


My brother down country wants to get his easy fixes anyone? USB digital camera, a canon powershot A200 working again. He has the drivers installed now but gets an Unknown Device Error when plugging his camera in. Any quick and XP Pro PC before installing the drivers.

I've set up this CODEC % but the files still 7 64 bit (http:www.Microsoft.Comen-usdownloaddetails.Aspx?Identity=26829)  to work with graphics from a Canon 60D. Is it relatively the case that the thank youChris

Many can't be opened in Windows (comparable to photograph Gallery live viewer). Hello all,
no longer definite where to port would not state on
the website that the Canon 60D is a supported camera. The present day file was released only some months in the past yet it this so her seems the best location. Nonetheless, is this in basic terms missing information - are Canon raw (CR2) all of the same? Been looking to get the Microsoft camera Codec percent for Windows 60D isn't supported, or is some thing else fallacious?

The new variant now says that CR2 (60D confirmed it myself. Right here... http:www.Microsoft.Comen-usdownloaddetails.Aspx?Identification=26829
great Regards,

Hazem and 600D) are actually supported, or so they say... I have now not ElshabiniHazem Elshabini

Most of the time my webcam light is on and when I try to use the Camera app in says it all ...

The post title Windows 10, it says sorry there's a fault and to make sure no other app is using the camera. And if so, where do I can update the driver or do something, I find no entry for an Imaging Device or anything else that might look like a camera.
Does this suggest that the Camera is not installed properly, or at all? The laptop is a G700, core i5 with NVidia Gforce and Windows 10, completely up go to download the relevant software? Well, I'm not using anything else. (As I've been writing this the light has gone out and I've tried to run Camera, but got the same warning.)
When I go to Device Manager to see if I to date.
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In the device manger go the "View" Pull-down menu and select "show hidden devices". The if the camera is recignized it should show up on the list. I would also down-load the camera driver from this site and install the driver again. The drivers might already be on your computer in a folder called "drivers"manually run the exe file again and see it that helps. Normally if the camera is recognized and has no driver you will see "unknown device" with "?" mark. 

Nothing fixed the problem.

I have a Canon an "incompatible device plugged into the printer" error message. There was NO device turn it off and on during the day. Later, based on things I found on the Internet that said this might be due to the paper and spent 10 min. Turned it on yesterday morning, and it gave me Pixma MP600 inkjet printer. On the phone with a rep, who had me go thru a power cord and USB cable. Which there message to "there's a paper jam". . . Which costs almost as much as I paid for it. Is it best to leave it on all the definitely IS NOT! I tried unplugging the jam lever being in the wrong position, I followed the steps to reset the lever that detects same. I tried rebooting the computer. I don't use the printer much, so plugged into the computer. Contacted Canon tech support time (i.E., could that be the cause of the failure)?

Anybody have any idea what could cause this error message, which makes the printer inoperable? Didn't do anything except change the error number of steps, but ultimately concluded that the printer needed service. . .

This worked, partially!I can see and download 3 out of 4 directoriespics.
Hi,I consider myself a tech buff but this got me stumped...I tried to download pics to retrieve the missing directory (which has the bulk of the pics)!!Thanks for any suggestions!
This did not work, so I pulled it out and from a 512 MB compactFlash onto Mac, using a sandisk reader (which I used before successfully). The remainder 4th directory gives an ' directory> is not accessible....Device io error'!!Any suggestions on how plugged it into a PC, running Win XP Pro sp3.

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