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Has anyone a quick solution please?

G56-107A Notebook PC
Model #:XP266EA
Serial #:[personal information removed]
Windows 7 64-bit

I'm trying to print passport photo's (35mm x 45mm) using HP Photo Creations but haven't figured out how to do it right. I haven't found anything free on the internet either aslthough there's no shortage of programs to buy online which I don't want to do as I just want a block of 2 or 4 pics on one sheet.

I clicked on HP Photo Creations and a message came up "There Photo Creations and installed it. I down loaded HP it, nothing came up.

I have a Gatway is a problem establishing a secure Internet connection to the Rocketlife server

Then tried to run with Vista operating system.

Hi, Do you have an HP printer connected to your Gateway computer ? The product is actually from  "Rocketlife" and by default it will try connect to Rocketlife server to get an update similar to this:                    You should see another message after this message, what is it ? Regards.

I have been using HP PHOTO CREATIONS and have created several projects over the past couple of years.  I have not done anything for about a month.  When I went back in today, they have all disappeared.  What could have happened???

I had to reinstall my HP Printer Envy 5643 and also had HP PHoto creations on my computer.  I uninstall the Photo creations and every time I try and reinstall I get the following error.  Unable to complete installing, another instance of HP Photo craetions may already be running.  I love this program and created a few projects.  HELP, how do I download....

when clicking on print my own card an error happens. Script ErrorAn error has occurred in the script on this page.Line: 1Char: 1Error: 'play' is undefinedCode: 0URL: ive clicked yes to continue running script but the card comes up black and prints black.I have reinstalled the program and it does the same thing

Is there any better programes i could photo, i used windows paint but when i print it out the photo comes out to big. I am using use for free,0r is it my printer

i want to transfer a photo from my moblie phone to my pc to make a passport a hp printer c4580.

I hope you meet the conditions click here you should be able to alter the size in Paint.