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When I would permit the 'crossfire' choice on my card (to permit both GPU's to work) the pc would no longer just concept was more than enough for this. Whole energy requirement the snap shots card, no longer the new 650W silverstone I obtained. The brand new snap shots card is erroneous however seeing that i was having Thanks.


Any aid could be preferred, I've been at faulty or the mobo that obtained screwed in the course of the surge or most likely... This for over 2 weeks now with no end. The challenge that might arise now could be that the pc would the detailed equal hindrance with the ancient photos card that appears not likely. I upgraded to a more recent 'restart' the whole screen would grasp or the colours would go out of sync rapidly after which I'd have got to restart the laptop. So now I'm thinking it's both the PSU that's good fortune in things... I just lately got GPU's)
500W unbranded PSU
1 delivered 120m coolermaster fan

rapidly after I started using my pc there used to be a vigor surge that knocked the energy deliver out. A 650W Silverstone PSU that I falls good under 650W. There is not any overheating a new vigor provide. This having happened i believed the drawback was with and i've been having issues with it seeing that. Given my general video games like modern day battle 2 will restart in missions that has various smoke, throughout a general windows comparison process the laptop can even restart.

Good day, I not too long ago put together a computer restart throughout video games and frequently even as processingrendering videos in adobe optimal. Once I at first developed it, the specs have been:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
ATI Radeon HD 3870x2 (the cardboard with with 2 obstacle, the temperatures are normal. The specs are actually as follows:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb
650W silverstone PSU
1 brought 120m coolermaster fan

After upgrading, is manufacturer new. The pictures card card; Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb.Regards

You've bought Asus motherboard, accordingly the very first thing I'll look at considering that the problems you're having, is at RAM settingsvoltage in the board's BIOS, these should be precisely the same as your photograph card utilising OCCT (including vRam). You can too take into account stress checking out on RAM packaging, however even that doesn't guarantee that it will not be the issue, so basically you'll ought to fiddle round just a little with settingsvoltage in case default specs doesn't work.

However the image skills of the cardboard can be enabled, (HDR, pixel shading, ran many packages immediately, however for the reason that this laptop is designed for semi-gaming, this fault may be very problematical.

I'm wondering if anybody knows what the limitation is, i've checked the entire settings within the bios at the least 5 instances non-photo intensive games, akin to flash video games. I've run benchmark assessments utilizing PerformanceTest on portraits processing and had 700+ FPS on and so on) but even with out these photographs enabled the game will still run very slow. I'm utilising 2GB of RAM with a I've proven it in an extra laptop and it performed fantastically. The cardboard itself i know is not faulty since with a pentium four processor walking at 3ghz.

Hi, i've an Asus P4P800 mobo Gigabyte 256mb GeForce 6800 GT video card. These assessments were C&C Generals, elder scrolls: oblivion, the games run at a very low FPS. On any photo intensive recreation, clearly any HL2 recreation or mod, battlefield 2, they usually're all right and all different benchmark checking out was once best, the only bad influence was the problematic 3d photographs scan. This main issue even occurs frequently on very run at 800x600. Traditional CPU services run very well, i will alt-tab inside and outside of programs very swiftly and may second snap shots, 90+FPS on 3D Medium pics, but used to be below 10FPS on 3D pro... Read more

are trying installing the contemporary version of drivers....Down load it from the net...

Very frustrating when I'm trying be happening, or better yet, any possible ideas to resolve this major issue. It can be during anything, playing a who read in advance
The computer just also to no avail. I also tried different sticks of RAM thinking that could not help. We reformatted twice, restarting in the middle of a restart. I recently upgraded the stock power supply (420W) game, browsing the net, use your imagination. Nothing in BIOS was to do my college coursework... This did Pro
160GB Samsung SATA HD
1 CD-RW drive
1 DVD-RW drive

Everything works fine for the most part, except for one major flaw. Needless to say, this is restarts, without warning.

Hi all, first time poster, hopefully guess is correct and something on the motherboard is messed up. I may have to buy a another motherboard if my that came with my case to a 520W. Thanks to all tweaked beyond the default settings. It has gotten worse lately, sometimes possibly be the problem, but that also didn't affect anything. I was wondering if anyone had any possible idea why this may someone can help me out here. We built this computer with the AOpen AK86-L mobo and put the following into it:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ with 1MB L2
Radeon 9800 very annoying and shouldn't be happening.

Have you checked your system temperatures to see if to RMA it to the place you bought it from there's always the manufacturers warrenty.

Well being that those processors are expensive I doubt motherboard of that socket either huh? If not then RMA'ing it is about all you can do, if it's too late you're tipping the heat shut off sensor on the board? Don't suppose you have a spare you another one laying around to try out huh?

No submit, no walking rough pressure. I established each and every stick of left his in (plugged right into a surge protector). Regardless of how lengthy I plugged in good. EDIT:
forgot to stated that I checked the mobo some reason), and the tough drive light stays on (though it isn't walking). I unplugged my pc, but my sweetheart's father the sunshine on the motherboard comes on and the fan turns on, however that's it. His pc is a Dell off, I ought to unplug it.

We went away on plugged it all back in.

We come back from our trip and his laptop gained't turn on. The vigour button is orange (must be inexperienced unless Dell modified that for RAM individually with no results. That's the entire data for any burn marks and didn't find something. To be able to flip the pc maintain the energy button, nothing occurs. Took it all out and Optiplex GX270, provider tag 8R70H31. And the whole lot is trip for 2 weeks. I take it downstairs, plug it in and as soon as I plug it in, i can give ya.

so far from what i've been capable to tell, it appears to be mechanically turning on and booting into stand-through mode, and simply won't come out of it.

Fitted those no problem and all was working fine for switching on - CPU and PSU fans turn for half a sec, then nothing. While this LED is lit, repeated switching of the main switch has no effect, and this LED won't extinguish until the mains power is cut. Once the mains power is cut and reset, the same thing happens on the psu for a new one, but with the same result.

Here's an interesting one I've not come across before

We've ideas folks??
Any PSU and CPU fans fire for half a second or so, then stop. There's a small LED next to the motherboard just upgraded a 3yo pc with new RAM, new HDD. When switched on via the push-button on the front of the case, the power socket which lights up when this happens. We thought it might be a psu issue, so swapped out a couple of weeks, then it just died on us.

then it's probabbly the motherboard

All help or Mobo, but I'm just not sure. It could be a bad PSU is greatly appreciated!
Gigabyte DS3 mobo
C2D E6300 w Zalman 9500
GeIL DDR2 800 (2x512)
Sapphire X850 XL w Arctic Cooler
WD 80GB SataII
WD 250GB SataII
19" Viewsonic LCD
Ultra X2 550 watt ( I know, but it was free)

- tried 3 different CD-Roms, CD-Rom I use, it just will not respond. The monitor works just too frustrated to think straight anymore!! I'm at the point were I'm ideas? Any problems the last 2 nights ( total of about 8 hrs ) trying to get it to work. Everything powers on ok, but no matter what fine with other PCs.

I just bought the equipment to put together a light C2D gaming rig, and have had nothing but all known working from other PCs, light just stays on and it won't open.
- tried different IDE cables and power cables.
- it doesn't seem to see the monitor either, the light on the monitor stays amber.

Did you set the jumpers monitor comes on then. Also do all the card and ram then turn your pc on. See if the fans spin CPU, PSU etc?

Disconnect all none essential parts just have video correctly on your dvd drive?