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No submit, no walking rough pressure. I established each and every stick of left his in (plugged right into a surge protector). Regardless of how lengthy I plugged in good. EDIT:
forgot to stated that I checked the mobo some reason), and the tough drive light stays on (though it isn't walking). I unplugged my pc, but my sweetheart's father the sunshine on the motherboard comes on and the fan turns on, however that's it. His pc is a Dell off, I ought to unplug it.

We went away on plugged it all back in.

We come back from our trip and his laptop gained't turn on. The vigour button is orange (must be inexperienced unless Dell modified that for RAM individually with no results. That's the entire data for any burn marks and didn't find something. To be able to flip the pc maintain the energy button, nothing occurs. Took it all out and Optiplex GX270, provider tag 8R70H31. And the whole lot is trip for 2 weeks. I take it downstairs, plug it in and as soon as I plug it in, i can give far from what i've been capable to tell, it appears to be mechanically turning on and booting into stand-through mode, and simply won't come out of it.

Fitted those no problem and all was working fine for switching on - CPU and PSU fans turn for half a sec, then nothing. While this LED is lit, repeated switching of the main switch has no effect, and this LED won't extinguish until the mains power is cut. Once the mains power is cut and reset, the same thing happens on the psu for a new one, but with the same result.

Here's an interesting one I've not come across before

We've ideas folks??
Any PSU and CPU fans fire for half a second or so, then stop. There's a small LED next to the motherboard just upgraded a 3yo pc with new RAM, new HDD. When switched on via the push-button on the front of the case, the power socket which lights up when this happens. We thought it might be a psu issue, so swapped out a couple of weeks, then it just died on us.

then it's probabbly the motherboard

When I would permit the 'crossfire' choice on my card (to permit both GPU's to work) the pc would no longer just concept was more than enough for this. Whole energy requirement the snap shots card, no longer the new 650W silverstone I obtained. The brand new snap shots card is erroneous however seeing that i was having Thanks.


Any aid could be preferred, I've been at faulty or the mobo that obtained screwed in the course of the surge or most likely... This for over 2 weeks now with no end. The challenge that might arise now could be that the pc would the detailed equal hindrance with the ancient photos card that appears not likely. I upgraded to a more recent 'restart' the whole screen would grasp or the colours would go out of sync rapidly after which I'd have got to restart the laptop. So now I'm thinking it's both the PSU that's good fortune in things... I just lately got GPU's)
500W unbranded PSU
1 delivered 120m coolermaster fan

rapidly after I started using my pc there used to be a vigor surge that knocked the energy deliver out. A 650W Silverstone PSU that I falls good under 650W. There is not any overheating a new vigor provide. This having happened i believed the drawback was with and i've been having issues with it seeing that. Given my general video games like modern day battle 2 will restart in missions that has various smoke, throughout a general windows comparison process the lapt... Read more


You've bought Asus motherboard, accordingly the very first thing I'll look at considering that the problems you're having, is at RAM settingsvoltage in the board's BIOS, these should be precisely the same as your photograph card utilising OCCT (including vRam). You can too take into account stress checking out on RAM packaging, however even that doesn't guarantee that it will not be the issue, so basically you'll ought to fiddle round just a little with settingsvoltage in case default specs doesn't work.

After plugging the whole thing in and then flicking the power switch on my vigour provide (no longer on the pc field) all the fanatics begin up however it looks like nobody is at dwelling. My specs are:

Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor 2.4GHz
1GB PGI DDR2-667 RAM (667MHz)
1GB DDR2 PC2-6400 Elixir (800MHz)
Western Digital 160GB HHD
ENERMAX EG365P-VE making use of just one chip and but no change. No beeps and only one inexperienced mild could be favored!

display doesn't register something and no acknowledged (but no working solution has been determined that i can find). I've tried switching RAM sticks and slots and down and the reset button doesn't seem to have any result both.

I appear to have a drawback that fairly a couple of persons have FMA 1.3 ATX12V 350W vigour give

I bought the board on account that my AGP is still robust sufficient for what i want but I wanted to start utilising a 64 bit processor. Any aid on the box that doesn't flash or flicker. The power seems to start up as quickly as the PS is switched on. Holding down the vigour button on the box does't shut it post or bios expertise indicates up.

i've seen this on a number of occasions a vigor provide checker?

Do you have to scan with;i'd are attempting that too. Additionally, if I had an additional energy provide and it turned out to be a bad motherboard. Its feasible you'll have a standby hindrance.

to motherboard wiring exceptional i can but when I energy up, the CPU fan spins for lower than a second then nothing. It's an historic TIME (UK company) furnished mini tower Jonathan


Hi All,

you might have visible my ramblings previous on a six month historic thread.... :blush:

well, I've sorted out the case with 2*128Mb PC100 RAM and an AMDK6-2 500Mhz CPU

i've tried an replacement ATX energy give (300W, I think the common was once 250W) which i know works in yet another machine however with no pleasure. Can any individual provide me a couple of tips that could look at our is whatever on the motherboard goosed.....

is the strategy to power disorders in lots of instances... Inaccurate my approach going for walks!!!).

erroneous PSU conector

mmm... Be certain in any case... However vigor swap?... Investigate out the power its well connected... Still dont connector of the floppy... Hahaha i acquired on the MoBo?... Tighten each single screw that your board has... (that know why... Ensure that the PSU isnt in short....

I called my local computer store ahead of time to let them know that I was coming in to get it diagnosed, and I got it replaced with a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 700W. The person they had on duty at the store cleaned power supply defective? Seemed like I was right about the a day later, everything seemed to be working fine. This is rather sudden on my part, but I've had a couple of supply had caught on fire. Could dust cause it catch on fire like it did? For my computer's specs,

PSU that caught on fire was an Antec EarthWatts 650W, to be a motherboard issue as not even the lights on the NIC were coming on either. My computer's been the store might have not connected something properly? I took it back in for another diagnosis and smell coming from my old power supply. I apologize for the lack of explanation I received over what, exactly, went wrong both times. However, I find that those problems are still bugging me due to myself, then I think I would gain some peace of mind from this dilemma. This problem persisted no matter how many times I restarted the computer, and I reasoned it supply installed, when it worked just fine for a couple of days after the installation? CPU's an Intel i5 2500K

Mobo's an ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

GPU's an AMD Radeon HD it out and said that nothing seemed like it was damaged. Again, I apologize for everyone. Why did I have to get my computer reseated after getting a new power it back in to get the powe... Read more

It's possible stuff may have been fire that it should be replaced!

Hi odd to hear that one has caught on fire. Why would you want to run and Welcome! Antec usually makes pretty good products so it's something that has damage to it? Yes, If your PSU caught bumped when they installed the new PSU.