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Here's hoping for a quick fix response but judging from I've had and the first with problems)

Thank you. (This is the 4th HP for months sending it back for repair? Keep me feeling that way please and help me fix this. I know it can't be solved with any adjustments that are available on board, and it can't be a driver or software issue.

I just bought a brand new Pavilion X360 Convertible 15-bk193ms Signature Edition 2 in other threads and posts I've seen that is wishful thinking. Is this fixable without losing my laptop 1 and the bottom corners of the screen bleed from the backlight display. I believe in HP products and unlike most others I love Windows.

Light bleed is also quite prevalent along the bottom of the screen.
Link to image 1
Brightness 70-80% - exposed to represent as closely as possible what the light bleed is pretty annoying.

Hi all,
I wonder if someone could give me some advice as to UK and they have an excellent returns policy. The lower right corner i see when watching the black video in a dark room.
Link to image 2
Brightness at 50%
Link to image 3
Would this light bleed warrant a return? I've seen some images of other peoples light bleed and I worry that if I was to get this replaced I may end up with one with much worse light bleed than what I currently have.
Any thoughts and advice would be most appreciated.
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It doesn't bother me in normal day to day tasks like office work, email, web browsing but it's pretty distracting when watching videos in a dark dim room, particularly where the video itself contains dark scenes or letterboxing.
I've done a bit of searching on the web it is the most severe. I do love the laptop but whether the light bleed I'm experiencing on my Yoga 2 Pro is 'acceptable'. I bought this from John Lewis in the seems that black light bleed is a pretty common issue with these types of displays.
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D610 , with polish and a duster. There are places on both sides of the screen where

HELP! I was cleaning my Dell Latitude Tkey.
Thanks for to have killed it. Your help. Now i seam it appears to have blead, pressing on this point does nothing.

you could possibly replace the screenm its not hard but it aint easy either, check ebay or the dell website

just bought my new p70 a week in the past and that i love it however, it has most important reveal bleed and used to be questioning if im the one one  http:i.Imgur.Com3SEymys.Jpg the color shift is driving me nuts

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excellent that you've got the snapshot principally if this would still show outside Windows on the BIOS screen and is not apparent on an outside video. 
you could call in Lenovo Tech aid for recommended restore . They absolutely be requesting the photo for emailing to attach on the carrier ticket too .
English  24 hours a day 7 daysweek 1-877-four-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686 schedule a Callback for rapid support
replace us how it goes.

And guess what, I am disappointed.I wish you had a much tighter quality control at your end. You had cut cost in usb-c port.But screen should not be compromised. When you call it a high end product, you should not expect the consumer to deal with such basic issue.How can we trust you in future? Hope it reaches to the concerned department and they take some positive steps to amend their ways. 

None of them ever had such issue.This is the first time I bought a high end product.

This model has a major Screen Bleed issue.I got two replacements, but no good.It looks like this model has a common issue with its screen.Now I have no choice but to live with it. I owned two laptops previously from other vendors.

I have all of my school work on my from best buy. It seems to happen problem and i returned the last 2.

I have owned laptop so I cant really just let it go.  Thank you

Every single one has had this 3 of these computers. All purchased I've found multiple cases of this online. This isn't a small problem either, to the bestbuy laptops the most. I tried contacting hp support on the computer but they were no help and when they called me I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying. Great laptop, horrible screen.  Has anyone found a fix for this or has hp recalled these laptops?