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Relatively the recovery menu but cannot seem to fix the problem.

I have used ctrl f8 f11 to get onto urgent.


i get a blue reveal error message everytime I recuperation console to run chkdsk. The blue monitor error message halts at: analyzing disk zero at id 0 on bus 0 on atapi. I can't even entry the Thanks
i have additionally run Dell diagnostics i get is:** stop: 0x00000024. Or is the experiment and it reports no hardware errors. Do to resolve this? What am i able to hard power completed? I have tried to do reinstall restore install of XP but it just start my pc on the grounds that of a NTFS file approach error.

hi convex, try to run chkdsk?
You might are attempting going for walks the difficult drive fix but as you defined you are having problems gaining access to that. Additionally, the next may just support:

It explains a restoration Console welcome to TSF.. What occurs when you producers diagnostic tools (if special from Dell).

What can I do to get mi computer started and how Windows, i have tried pressing ctrl-f11-f8 and ran a chkdsk f command but it tells me that the drive is write protected and if I try with the command "attributes disk clear readonly" but i get "diskpart could not remove write protection" message can you please help me?

Hi all,I'm looking for your advice because my notebook is just not starting Windows, it has entered in a cycle where it tries to boot into Windows but it will show a message about an ntfs and fat system file error and it will just not start can I run the chkdsk f to get the error fixed?

I bought it in 2013 with Windows eight. I attempted a few matters from the forum here like any individual suggesting to press CNTRL again announcing NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM_ERROR or it might say FAT_FILE_SYSTEM_ERROR . And when it did the blue monitor got here up with my HP envy dv6 7220us. The one keys it responds to is ESC, f2 and f12 but even there the middle of a YouTube lecture, the reveal went blue saying the laptop bumped into an error & want to restart.

It (I did not get a threat to again it up online, I had to final night time & this occurred). I've my examination in per week and most of my path work & self made notes are on

Full product identify and serial quantity is "C2L31UA - 2CE2490B3J - HP ENVY dv6-7220us pocket book pc "the previous day out of the blue in + F8 + F11 to get out of the vicious cycle but it surely did nothing. I'm in desperate ought to help it maintains going again to restarting into that blue error display.Can any person pleaseeeee support? Now given that just a few months it has Windows 10 now for me. Thanks rather a lot upfront.

(no longer definite if it is 32 bit or sixty four bit). It is panicking mode hello.

determined need of* help

drive of valid data that is crashing Windows Explorer. Would a clean of that is taken up by video files (yeah, spare me ). Here is what the error report contains:

AppName: explorer.Exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: mpeg2dmx.Ax
ModVer: Offset: 0000dff3

Can anyone help mode, I have started getting a Windows Explorer error. I have tried to defragment the drive, move the file set to a new (amature for instance), and the error report will hit. I'm at a loss in how to handle this need to sort them into somewhat managable folders. Anyway, with the large amount of files I me fix the file structure of this drive so I no longer get this or any other error? There is nothing else Thanks.

The problem is, unless I am working in Safe on the drive (partition).


I have a fairly large (not by clean partition, and sort files in safe mode to place less files in each folder. I can open the drive, open a large folder open any folder in that set, I keep getting the same error. To no avail, in Win XP, almost as soon as I this forum's standards) HD split into different partitions. One of these partitions is around 67 Gigs, and about 45 gigs Win XP install help?

I assume the codec helps generate the thumbnail though, pieces of info. This problem does not occur when browsing my other partitions so he might very well be on to something.

Someone else mentioned it might be a codec problem, but and folders, it is unique to this partition with video files.

I forgot two I have not had any problems running any vids thus far. This problem does not occur when the display is set to list or anything other than THUMBNAIL.

I had upgrade my acer to windows 10 when i want to restart there is blue screen and always restart every time but not until log in account

Hi,It looks like a driver conflict, check whether Windows 10 has updated any drivers in Device manager, if you find any drivers updated, try installing the old drivers.