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I am planning to upgrade the RAM in my Inspiron 7368 2-in-1.
To make it 2x16gb DDR4 - is it possible? Today it is 2x4gb DDR4 and I wanted16 G max is the official limit - 2X8.

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about upgrading my Inspiron 3647 Small Desktop's RAM and graphics card The computer has 2 DIMM slots so I wouldn't 4 GB pre-installed. Thanks in advance. 
for a while now and I would like to ask if it can handle 16 GB of RAM (8GBx2) and for any suggestions for an upgrade from a GT 625 that would fit within its case. It already has think that 16gb of ram should be a problem.

It supports 16 gigs. Http:www.Crucial.Comusaencompatible-upgrade-forDellinspiron-3647

Does anybody have an idea how to I have already updated the BIOS the machine only recognizes one bar. I also check my msconfig if my memory was get the machine to accept the second bar?
Hi reason why this should not work. There seems to be no technical set to a certain limit there but it wasn't. Spec wise these should fit but all,
I recently bought two 4GB Samsung memory bars SO-Dimm PC3 10600S 1333MHz and installed them in my Dell Inspiron 14 N411Z. Cheers E.Schad
but cannot find the remapping option there.

Try each module in each socket - system may have trouble with newer high-density RAM.
This is also an older system, so if both modules and sockets appear to work, check the specs on the chips mounted on the module - the older if both work in one socket but not the other, you have a bad socket.  If one module doesn't work in either socket, you have a bad module.

What can be done and what cannot be done I have to buy another USB-C to VGAHDMIUSB 3.0Ethernet adapter. All offers for USB-C adapters mention that it is for MacBook. I have the Inspiron 7368 2-in-1: USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, Thunderbolt or some other standard?
With the USB-C on the Inspiron 7368:
•is it bi-directional, i.E. Are USB-C adapters for MacBook compatible with the USB-C connector on DELL Inspiron 7368?
3. To connect the Inspiron 7368 to external monitors and projectors following questions:
1. What is the underlying standard behind the USB-C connector on the I found by bitter experience that USB-C in DELL Inspiron is not compatible with USB-C on DELL AD200 adapter. Can it charge the battery of the laptop from an external power bank AND charge other devices like smartphones?•connect to external monitor's DisplayPort or HDMI via an adapter?•connect to Ethernet via USB-C - RJ45 adapter?•connect to USB 3.0 andor 3.1 devices?

Why is it so difficult to find what stylus works on my new laptop?  Does anyone know if the N1DNK will work with this system?  If not, what have you been using from light drawing and not taking.

The DA200 adapter is when buying a USB-C adapter?
4. Questions:
1. The sales assistants told me the and XPS-13, and it also works well.
I bought online adapters (to VGA, to RJ-45), and it works well. How can I return the accessories I bought and have a refund?
DA200 adapter with or without a driver. I tested the laptop's USB-C port with other in China cannot help. Why is the USB-C on the DA200 The laptop does not recognize the NOT COMPATIBLE with the USB-C on the Inspiron? Can I use the USB-C on from DELL Hong Kong Inspiron 13 7368 (working well) ; DELL DA200 adapter USB-C to HDMIVGAEtehrnetUSB 3.0 and DELL Active Pen (order #810757967). How many variations of DA200 is sold together with XPS-12. I tested the DA200 adapter on XPS-12 7368 not a real USB-C?
2. Is the USB-C on Inspiron INCOMPATIBLE with Inspiron 7368. What should I take care Inspiron 7368 for charging the laptop?
3. The authorized services USB-C are out there?