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For some reason, when Im suing either AOL or IE and I want to save a .Jpeg photo to my hard drive for some reason it wont let me, instead it only gives me the option of either a .ART file or a .BMP file

(Photos below)


i have a problem when i try 2 save a wallpaper when i right click and click save as it opens up a window 4 me 2 save it in2 my pics but i can only save it as either a bitmap or art and when i choose either 1 when i go in2 my pic file 2 use the wallpaper it cannot b displayed as a wallpaper and i can not preview it there is a symbol of windsurfer i think it is i no i can set it as wallaper but i want 2 be able 2 save them so i can change my wallpaper when i feel any help would much appreciated.

I think wallpaper files are supposed to be bitmaps anyway, but you could always click here and download Irfanview which allows you to set images as wallpaper as well as changing their properties.Hope that helps.

When I'm saving pics, some show a pic as jpeg from bitmap. The bitmap takes longer to as jpeg and others as bitmap. Is there a way to save a choice at present.
It doesn't give Me download and uses more space.

Click File---> save as Then choose Jpeg as your option from the dropdown filetype list.

It should.Open the Bitmap.

my Paint.Net programme has suddenly stopped saving my photos in jpg format, this from one day to the next, when I alter a photo and "save as" to any folder it only appears as a "file" and not a "jpeg" despite my having saved the photo from Paint.Net in the jpeg dropdown menu, my question is: why is this happening and how can I get it back to normal, the saved photo shows as a kind of icon with lots of coloured tabs on it, I cant get it to save in any format other than this "file" with coloured dots icon type. Thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

Not a program I have myself but, if I remember rightly, it is a free download. Should this be the case, why not delete it and re-download, as it is possible that a fault has developed.

The site i tried to sent my pics to only accept jpeg files mine are dig cam to computer to sites or developing....

Help!!! I would like to upload pics saved from png (i think)how do i change the file so that i can send my pics...Thanks

Open them on your images program and then go to save and pick "save-as" and then pick .Jpg

What is it and how can I save in jpeg correctly?

Whenever I save a pic from the web I select save as jpeg but it gets saved a a ~ file.